Chasing EJ – Chapter 1: Brilliance vs. Stupidity

What’s the difference between brilliance and stupidity? Hear me out on this. It will all make sense soon.

You have two categories of books. Which category of books would you rather read?

Category 1…  

  • An American spy fighting against the KGB.
  • A dystopian setting where the hero must complete a daring challenge against an unjust system.
  • Any book where the author is some uptight asshole using big words so he feels smarter than his readers.

Category 2…

  • Aliens that have the power to give you orgasms with their eyes so they can always get what they want.
  • The journey of a professional ping-pong player that wears a patch because he’s blind in one eye and always thinks about pancakes while playing.
  • The memoir of an out-of-shape plumber that hits on housewives and fails every time.

I’m going to assume you would rather read Category 2.  Now let me ask you this: Is the group of concepts in Category 2 brilliant or stupid? Debatable. What’s not debatable is that they’re interesting concepts. In other words, Category 1 has no chance at brilliance. In order to have a chance at brilliance, you must not fear stupidity. 

For a little background, I have built my ‘brand’ brick by brick with no financial assistance since 2014. Now I’m at a point where things are growing so fast that I can barely keep up.

My Point: Why the heck would someone in my position challenge the best poker player at Little Kings & Queens to a 10-tournament duel? Is this brilliance or stupidity?

After revealing that Eric Jolly (EJ, in case you haven’t caught on to the connection yet) has 7 wins, 22 cashes, and $25k in earnings at LKQ this year, he shipped another tourney the very next day. Who is this guy? Where did they grow him? Does he listen to Underground Buddha Meditation music on the way to LKQ? Are aliens giving him orgasms with their eyes before every tourney so he’s always in a good mood? I haven’t figured it out yet.

I played at the same table as EJ once (we’re rolling with EJ going forward because it sounds cooler). After 30 minutes, I told myself: This guy is my biggest threat at this table. I didn’t realize at the time that he was also the strongest player in the room.

I know there are other strong players in the room. And I know who they are. I just don’t want to name them because then other strong players will come up to me and ask why I didn’t mention them in this chapter. Yeah … just like amateur dwarf porn, I never want to go down that road. But I will go down the following road. One of the below is true. If you ask me, I will not reveal which one.

1. As of six weeks ago, I had no intention to write Swindle, which is the book I announced prior to Chasing EJ . Once I changed my mind, pretending to still write Swindle, I drank my wine and had fun at the tables, allowing me to make new friends and build my network while also paying attention to how everyone played for when I was ready for Chasing EJ. I told two people at LKQ that this was the plan six weeks ago.

2. The above is bullshit. It just makes me feel cooler than I am.

Either way, I have to play against EJ! My tournament results since playing at LKQ: one cash in eight attempts with $273 in earnings.

How the hell am I going to pull this off?

I have almost double the lifetime earnings on HendonMob as EJ (that number should be higher with over a dozen daily/nightly wins), but he hasn’t had nearly as many opportunities and has proven his strength as a player over and over again.

If I’m putting odds on this 10-tourney duel, EJ as a 4:1 favorite. If you want side action for fun, that’s my betting line. I’ll keep you posted on every tournament.

And if you were going to be in Swindle, you will be mentioned in this book. If you weren’t going to be mentioned in Swindle, there’s a chance I’ll write about you anyway. It just depends on how events unfold, and it doesn’t have to be at the poker table.

As far as this 10-tourney duel goes, will I end up embarrassing myself? Will it be close and EJ will pull it out in the end? Will I be underestimated? There is a much better question than those three. Only those who know me well (very few people) know that question.

If you’re rooting for me, thank you! If you’re rooting for EJ, all good! The most important thing to remember is that this is for charity and in good fun. For more information, go to LKQ Charity Events on Facebook.

Results will be in two categories…

# of Cashes

Total Earnings  

Buy-ins are irrelevant.

Stay tuned!

Chasing EJ – Chapter #2

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