Chasing EJ – Chapter 4: More LKQ Characters + Secret Revealed

So… I went back to LKQ last weekend for the Saturday tournament at 2 p.m. (formerly at 4 p.m.) and the Freezeout on Sunday at 5 p.m. I’ll get to those results in Chapter 5. Prior to that, I feel obligated to mention some more LKQ staff and players.

As I walked around LKQ, I said to myself: I forgot to mention this person, that person, and this person. I also said the following to myself many times: I have seen this person again and again, and I have spoken to them, but I don’t know their name and I don’t want to ask.

This doesn’t mean I don’t know your name if you’re not mentioned below. That’s a possibility, it’s just tough to remember everyone. For you, I’m one person writing about their experience. For me, there are hundreds of people to remember.

Let’s get to some more characters at LKQ. Hopefully, my people-reads are still on….

Beth – The instant I walked in, she had her hands on her hips and stared me down. I knew what that meant—I forgot to mention her in Chapter 3. She wasn’t truly upset because she’s too nice for that. And I should have mentioned her because she was one of the first people I interacted with at LKQ nearly two years ago. She is always friendly and genuine but will switch to business mode when necessary.

Suzanne – She has a true passion for the game of poker and being around like-minded people. Travels a lot to play and couldn’t be happier being a part of the poker world. A little shy at first, but opens up once she gets to know you. Prefers others to lead the conversation. Hates drama and will abort any situation that involves drama. I have no evidence of this, but it’s what I pick up from her personality.

Pavel – Always fun to have at your table. Good player that is calm and confident when winning and entertaining to watch and listen to when losing. Very easy to get along with off the table.

Dwight – New to LKQ. Plays fearlessly. Understands the game. Bluffs a little too much. He’s either going to have a monster stack or bust early. Other possibility is he builds a huge stack and squanders it. Fun, funny, and a good dude.

Daniel Vo – Friendly in a cool way. Not too much, not too little. Always in a good mood. Not a complainer about life. Strong player. Has knocked into my drink three times over the past month (only one slight spill). He must know I cherish every sip of my caffeine, especially when not drinking wine. Wants me on pre-game tilt. Well played!

Austin – Dealer and player. Very chill personality. Easy to be friends with because he goes with the flow. Will talk himself down, which gives him a non-threatening aura. 

Mo – Friendly and personable. Needs to improve on picking his banter spots. Admitted he loves Rihanna, especially the song Diamonds. Even sang to us, “Shine bright like a diamond!” A unique experience.

Marika – Doesn’t say much. Will protect her hand when up against a draw and live with the results. Fearless and friendly, but in a quiet way.

Robert – Incredibly laidback and friendly. Likes potatoes.

Chris (dealer/cage) – Very focused when he’s working. Always says a quick hello and gets back to work.

Erik R – Just shipped Saturday tourney. Originally came across to me as cash game player but switched to TAG, which won him tourney. Don’t know much about him yet but seems cool.

V – Always has happy energy. Would rather dance than deal, but doesn’t mind dealing. Appreciates what she has opposed to complaining about what she doesn’t have.

Rose – Always friendly and good at starting conversations, which she then cuts short because she has to get back to work. Makes sense. Often seen smiling.

Jon Michael – Not sure if this is his real name. Has a cool chill vibe (including shades). Based on what I’ve seen, plays a lot of hands and will take huge risks whether on the side of a made hand or a draw. This can pay-off or be painful.

Tiffany – Good dealer. Friendly but focusing on job is #1 priority. Keeps table in good mood. Come to think of it, this is the case for most LKQ dealers. Not all, but at least 90%, which is very high compared to most poker rooms.

Michael Anderson – Just shipped Sunday Freezeout. This was immediately after helping us film a video outside. Fun personality. Enjoys banter. Told me his favorite movie is The Matrix and loves when women call him ‘Mr. Anderson’ with the tone of voice the agents use in the movie. I don’t know why he informed me of this. I’m just the messenger.

I know I’m still missing a lot of people, some of which I have recently added as friends on FB. I’ll continue to add these kinds of chapters. It’s fun for me to see if my people-reading skills are on or off. I won’t be right every time, but it’s a fun game.

Speaking of games. Chapter 5 will tell you where I’m at in Chasing EJ. I know a lot of people are keeping an eye on this.

Chasing EJ – Chapter 5: Tourneys #2 and #3

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